Data Science Symposium No. 7

The 7th Data Science Symposium will take place at Hereon, Geesthacht, on 27 and 28 June 2022.  We plan for a hybrid meeting.

The Data Science Symposium is part of a series of symposia organized by AWI, GEOMAR and Hereon that was established in 2017.

We invite you to join us for talks, lively discussions and live demos.

Our focus this time will be on the following topics:
•    Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning in Earth System Sciences
•    Data Strategies and Exchange in POF IV
•    Collaborations and Initiatives
•    Towards Digital Twins and other Lighthouse Projects
•    Early Career –Science and Perspectives
We encourage early career scientists to present their projects!

Registration and abstract submission are closed.

Abstract submission deadline: May 29th, 2022

Registration deadline: June 16th, 2022

Contact: Viktoria Wichert

Data Science Symposium No. 7: Program and book of abstracts


Hörsaal (lecture hall), building 27, Max-Planck-Str., 21502 Geesthacht

Information on how to get to conference venue by car or public transportation can be found at the Hereon website. If you plan on arriving by bus from Hamburg-Bergedorf, please take the bus 8800 with end stop at Geesthacht, Helmholtz-Zentrum or Lauenburg, ZOB. Do not take the 8800 ending in Geesthacht, ZOB or Geesthacht, Oberstadt.

Nearby hotel list

In Geesthacht
  • Elbblick, Elbuferstraße 102, 21502 Geesthacht, 1km from venue
  • Landhaus Tesperhude, Elbuferstraße 100, 21502 Geesthacht, 1km from venue
  • Lindenhof, Johannes-Ritter-Straße 38, 21502 Geesthacht, 6km from venue
In Hamburg-Bergedorf
  • Hotel Kuhberg, Wiebekingweg 2A, 21029 Hamburg, 20km from venue
  • H4 Hotel, Holzhude 2, 21029 Hamburg, 20km from venue

For information on public transportation from the hotels in Hamburg-Bergedorf to the venue, please consult the local public transportation agency website.

Corona regulations

Currently no restrictions apply.